A selection of horses I have worked with

Building TRUST and CONFIDENCE with your horse is the place to start to create a long and happy lasting relationship and that ultimate special bond between you both, so you can embark on your dreams together. So many problems can be avoided by understanding the psychology of the horse and reading the horses subtle gestures. Knowing how to respond to these subtle gestures and having a ‘what to do if’ plan of action is crucial in order to keep you both safe and achieving your dreams together. The above photos are all examples of what can be achieved  in a calm manner if you know how and that’s what I love most about my job, showing you how to build that fantastic ever lasting bond with your horse. 

Confidence comes firstly from having the skills

Training my  own horse to be confident with cows when out riding together
Tiny. The largest horse I have worked with on both loading and mounting issues.

its never too late!

No matter what age or size of horse, pony or human, it’s NEVER too late to learn.