Welcome to Your Horse and Pony Matters

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Gillian Bradley founded Your Horse and Pony Matters in 2010 after qualifying as an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer (IHRT) and holds the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship (MRPCH).
I am based just outside Monmouth in South Wales, UK but do travel out to people to cover the surrounding areas as well. Being near to Ross-on -Wye in Herefordshire my work also extends over this county too.  I offer calm, gentle and non-violent help for owners with horses and ponies who have difficulties with issues such as:
General ground manners, leading, loading, unloading safely, travelling calmly, catching, foot handling, fear of the farrier, fear of clipping, barging, spookiness, desensitisation to objects, water (including hoses, puddles, water jumps, ditches) or sounds, for example fireworks. Starting youngsters is one of my favourites, I love preparing them to be confident in themselves and the outside World and accepting of things above them in preparation for a rider. Following on from this preparation I then work alongside my rider Alex on the backing process introducing youngsters to their first rider and the basics of being ridden.  Foal handling and introducing first head collars are all favourites of mine too and introducing safe leading. Standing still to mount and dismount are common problems I also work with along with nappy behaviour.
I also offer private lessons in long lining and confidence building for both horse and owner.
Through learning and understanding the psychology and language of the horse many problems can easily be solved and you can begin to enjoy building a beautiful bond with your horse based on trust and successful communication.
Snicky and me (no hat)
See Case Studies section for some examples of my work accompanied by some video clips. Prices can be found under services.