Creating the horse of your dreams

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Gillian Bradley
  Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer 
Covering Monmouthshire & Herefordshire 
Helping you solve specific behavioural problems that are preventing you & your horse achieving your dreams.
Rona recently contacted me needing help loading her horse so that they could travel to lessons, clinics and competitions.
After one session with me I received the following....
" Thanks so much! You've transformed my summer! I now have a lesson booked and a clinic too. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and felt quite emotional when my horse loaded back onto the trailer straight away after a trip out last night. You are a genius indeed! x
Rona A. Forest of Dean
I create a relaxed and supportive working environment so that together you can build trust & confidence.
Laura wanted help with rebuilding trust & confidence with her horse .....
" I cannot thank Gill enough. She has helped us regain trust and confidence in one another, made a huge difference to my horse and grately improved our relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend Gill to other horse owners."
Laura N. Monmouth, S. Wales
My training process is successful as it is based around the horses psychology and body language, creating calmness, trust and confidence whilst always working at the horses pace. Your understanding of each other will deepen and 
that special bond between you will be created and strengthened.
Is your horse difficult to clip?
Barbara needed help with her daughters pony who had to be previously heavily sedated to clip.....
"After one session our pony was much calmer around clippers and after two sessions we were able to clip him out without any sedation! Unthinkable before Gill saw him. I have recommended Gill to lots of people who need help with behaviour isssues."
Barbara, Monmouth, S. Wales
Is your horse difficult to load?                                                                                                                                                            
 Tracy needed help loading her daughters horse after many failed attempts from others trying to help....
" I wasn't expecting miracles. I was hoping for tools to help us continue to work with Robbie's lack of confidence. Gill was amazing!! So calm. So patient. So understanding. Robbie was so relaxed. Actually we all were! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Gill for coming to see Robbie and working with him and us. We never felt under any pressure and I know Robbie didn't! This morning we were able to walk Robbie on and off the box without any issues or hesitation. I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes us feel. For the 4 years we have owned Robbie, people have been telling me about how his negative behaviour is to do with him being stubborn and obnoxious but I always believed it was just because he was young with confidence issues, which Gill agreed.   I'm so glad I contacted Gill. I would highly recommend her and have! Thank you!!
Tracy P. Bridgend
Needing help with a young horse?
Tereasa contacted me desperately needing help with her young horse....
" Without Gill I would have really struggled with my young horse, I might have even given up and sold him on. Gill is not only a lovely person, but kind and gentle in manner, and never judgemental. She is also fantastic and extremely skilled with horses and explains everything fully, as well as being incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Gill has a true gift with horses, she is also a very intelligent lady with a great personality. I highly recommend her."
Tereasa B. Shrewsbury 
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The range of problems I work with and solve include: 
General ground manners 
 Creating a beautifully mannered horse to be around.
Leading effectively & respectfully
Training  your horse to happily follow you everywhere and lead like a dream. See Case Studies section for an example of  Seren leading beautifully.
Introducing the first head collar
Stress free and calm. Contact me
Muffin first headcollar
muffins 1st birthday
Loading, unloading safely & travelling calmly
Training your horse to be happy with every aspect of loading. Contact me
skye on ramp
Skye backbar
Skye unloading
See Loading Case Study and  Case Studies section for video examples of me helping horses that have difficulty loading. 
.Catching problems
Training your horse to want to be caught so your horse catches you. Contact me
 Foot handling & Introduction to/or fear of the farrier
Helping your horse overcome his or her fear of the farrier.
Helping your horse overcome past injury related issues that have led to fear.
Training your horse to happily give you every foot.
Preparing your horse for their first trim, including training the different leg holds and introduction to the farriers tools.
Helping to make your horse safer for the farriers first visit. Contact me
Duke on foot stand 1
Duke's story is featured in the case studies section.
Fear of the clippers & being clipped
Helping your horse overcome fear of the clippers or a past bad experience with the clippers.
Training your horse to have a successful first clipping experience. Contact me
Bargy behaviour
Training your horse to have respect for you and your personal space
Spookiness & desensitisation to common objects
Training your horse to be OK with spooky objects that he or she might encounter when out & about. 
Training your horse to relax and listen to you when not sure about something, instead of fleeing.
Top Hat desensitisation
Felicity loading prep
Desensitisation to water including hoses, puddles, water jumps & ditches
Training your horse to love water and also the hose pipe.
Desensitisation to sounds such as show ground noises, clapping & fireworks
Training your horse to not worry about show ground sounds & noises, even fireworks.
Incorporating desensitisation sound CD's of these noises into my training techniques.
Not standing still to mount or dismount
Training your horse to stand like a rock to mount or dismount. Contact me
Tiny mounting
Herd bound & nappy behaviour
Training your horse to be happy to leave the herd and to feel safe to go anywhere with you.
 Starting & Backing youngsters.
Helping your horse to have the best start in life. Contact me
Training your horse or pony to be confident in themselves and the outside World, accepting things they might meet when out and about, developing a mindset of relaxing and listening to you when not sure about something.
jazz umbrella
Blondie tarp
Trusting & accepting things above them in preparation for their first rider is crucial before introducing a human on their back. As is helping them to comfortably accept their first saddle and girthing up. 
max and curtain
Introducing long-lining as the next step develops their confidence and trains them to listen to guidance, reassurance, instruction and leadership from behind in preparation for being ridden. Typical scenarios of horses that have had this stage left out would be horses backing up of their own accord or spinning in panic to try and 'find' the rider! Or horses not feeling confident enough to go forwards with a rider on board, so napping can develop.
Ally long lining in mist
Long-lining off the saddle helps your horse to feel the saddle movement on their back whilst in trot and canter and to have an understanding of the basic ridden aids, such as turning left and right, stopping, backing up, walking on and standing still on cue, so that when a rider goes up for the first time your horse understands these directional aids from a riders position and the rider therefore has a degree of control straight away. 
Long-lining off the dually halter to start with preserves the delicate tissues of the mouth. Later on introduction to the bridle & bit can be incorporated. 
Once your horse is ready and thoroughly prepared as above that's when I introduce the first rider and the basics of being ridden.
I work with my own rider but have also worked successfully with experienced owners wanting to back their own horses. 
Some owners prefer to carry on and develop the ridden work themselves but we can develop this further if preferred/requested.
See case studies section for videos of me working with a childs pony called Maisie.
She came to me for backing and making as safe as possible for young children to ride and also for training her to stand still if the rider falls off, which I have some excellent footage of.
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snicks and cows
Private lessons available in: 
•Learning the skill of long lining
•Developing or re-gaining trust and confidence & creating that special bond. 
•Courses & training days/clinics available. 
See Prices section. 
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Snicky and me (no hat)